Concept Design to Installation

Computerized Robot


Concept Design and Model Making:

Cost varies per project.

(Walt Disney Imagineering and Universal Studios background.)

Set Decorator Commercials:

I work according to your budget.

(Jenny Craig working for Herman Zimmerman of Paramount Pictures)

Painting: Fine Art & Illustration, Murals

Clinics: Venice Clinic 2013

Decorator: Offices, homes. This includes picture hanging, fine art and sculpture installation.

Decorator: Wells Fargo Advisors since 2007

Quote based.

Commercial and Fine Art

Elephant Topiary Sculptures in Epcot Center Walt Disney World Orlando, Florida

Budget & quote based.



DBA Parrish Vision

Front View "Robomat"

Concept Drawing:

additional wall Robomat

"Rogomat" is a shop in Lake Buena Vista, FL I designed, art directed and co=fabricated the mechanically animated back wall display. The theme is that the two robots spray painting tee shirts got so sophisticated they disconnected from the unit and began painting on their own.
This set of pictures is an example of concept design to finish result minus the model making aspect which can be included in the mix.

County Seal

Side View "Robomat"